Fish River Safaris have exceptional concessions for the Bow Hunter.
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Equipment: Rifle or bow, binoculars, a good pair of walking shoes preferably with soft soles, range finders, ammunition, small day pack, UV protection, insect repellant.

Clothing: Preferably greens and browns, camouflage may be worn but not military issue. Temperatures range between 10-30 C.

Permits: Fish River Safaris will take care of all necessary hunting permits.

Weapons: Smaller caliber rifles for the smaller game species like springbuck or bushbuck eg. .243 or .270. Large caliberís for all big game like kudu, wildebeest etc eg. 7mm or .300


Fish River Safaris have exceptional concessions exclusively for the Bow Hunter. We offer 20 different species. Various blinds and hides are set up at strategic points throughout our hunting concessions. Highly qualified professional hunters guide all hunts allowing for the best opportunities on the various game animals. The hunter will require good camouflage clothing, scent lock and communication devise with headphones.


Fish River Safaris offers salt and fresh water fishing, with species too numerous to mention. Be it fly fishing for rainbow trout, casting for large mouth bass, fishing the pristine salt water rivers for the good fighting spotted grunter or enjoying a day on the deep sea line fishing or trawling for yellow fined tuna, we have it all. We provide all the necessary equipment, however if you have that special rod or lure, you are most welcome to try it out.

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